Friday, October 14, 2011

The Flu Shot...

But, the computer says I have to...
While I love the fall, and miss the scenic drives through the Shenandoah valley during this time of year, I hate --- HATE --- that autumn marks the annual arm stabbing from the US Navy and the blessed flu shot.  And, yes, as an active duty servicemember, I have no choice; I am required to get it.  Every year, I push it off.  And, every year, I am hounded by the bean counters whose sole job is to make sure that all in the Navy are in compliance.

A few years ago, I was about to sneak under this flu shot radar.  I had been on frequent travel during the flu season, and, through neglect, laziness, or apathy, no MP ever came knocking on my door, with syringe in hand.  I felt that I had un-stuck it to the man.

I was wrong.

In late June of the next year, I was transferring jobs and had to complete the standard scavenger hunt of checklists, paperwork, and records.  The last item to complete before I moved was the almighty medical screening.  With my medical record in hand, I worked with a nurse, who dutifully pulled up her computer and scanned my electronic file.  She looked befuddled:

Nurse:  Sir, it says here that you didn't get a flu shot.
Me:  That's correct.  I didn't get a flu shot last year.  I was on travel, and by the time I got back, I didn't bother.
Nurse:  but, the computer says that you need a flu shot.
Me:  I understand.  But, I always get sick when you guys give me that shot, so...I don't think it's necessary.
Nurse: But, the computer...
Me:  *sigh*  Can I speak to your supervisor?
Supervisor:  Sir, I understand that you don't want to get the flu shot.
Me:  That is correct.   
Supervisor: Well, you need to get a flu shot.
Me:  OK.   Before you go grab the orderly, let's be reasonable.
Supervisor: *blink blink*
Me: Flu season is when?
Supervisor: ...
Me:  It's from Sep - March, right?
Supervisor: ...
Me: And, we're in the summer now?  So, we're not even in the flu season.
Supervisor: ...
Me: And, the vaccine is created before flu season, right?  So, we're talking about a strain that is probably almost a year old.
Supervisor:  ...
Me: And you want to inject me with this now?  After flu season, with an old vaccine?
Supervisor:  Sir, the computer says...
At this point, I weighed the options of speaking to yet another medical bureaucrat and going through the above wrangling -- again.  I just wanted to leave.  I relented.  I gave them my left arm.  They stuck me with the old strain.  By the next morning, I was sick.  With the flu.

Since that date, I have given up the fight. While I may prolong the day of my flu vaccination, I dutifully comply.  In fact, yesterday I got the latest and greatest from Navy medicine.

This morning I feel sick...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is this thing on??

Wow. Has it really been almost two years since I have posted anything? I guess Facebook has taken over as my medium of choice to relay info about me and the fam.

Friday, July 11, 2008

How Bazaar...

No, not "Drug Eleven" bizarre (tho, on a side note, the names for the shops make me chuckle at times. 7-11 is HUGE here and takes convenience store to a new level -- most Japanese pay bills there -- so, why not have one dedicated solely to prescription drugs...I hope). I'll have to post more on that later...

But, on to today's events:

We went to a local bazaar that had all sorts of goodies for sale. There was some beautiful furniture, wonderful artwork, and some brilliant pottery and dishes. The furniture was a bit expensive for what we were prepared to buy, but we picked up some trinkets. As you can tell, the kids each purchased some Kokeshi dolls. Nana, expect some of these so that you can add to your insane Nutcracker collection. And, I picked out some new dishes (we don't have our stuff from the states yet, so we have been using paper plates for the past 4 weeks).

I wish I had taken my camera to document the actual shopping, alas, you'll have to just look at the result of it. Sorry...or, sumimasen.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No Hit, please...

So, Celeste and I are now licensed to drive in Japan! The title of this post was what my "behind the wheel" Japanese instructor kept on saying as I was trying to make right turns during my driving test. And, he was very patient with me, but I could sense the anxiety in his voice as I attempted to drive on the left side of the road for the first time. But, I passed. And, Celeste kicked my butt on the written test. I barely passed, and she scored in the high 90s. Show off.

I remember when I was sixteen and Geoff had just gotten back from his mission in Japan that he gave me two green & yellow magnets to place on my car. This was a warning to Japanese drivers that the person operating the vehicle was a NEW driver. Well, guess what? Celeste and I went out and purchased some for our car.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Strangers in a Strange Land...

We have made it to Japan!  

After 2 1/2 days of travel and over 14 hours in a plane, the
 Annapolis Larsen call sign has now been changed to Japan Larsens, or Yokosuka Larsens, or Hello Kitty Larsens.  It's a 
work in progress...suggestions are welcome in the comments.

It was tough to say goodbye to family and friends, a lot tougher than I expected.  Poor Aimee cried her eyes out a solid two days prior to the trip and during the trek itself.  

But, we're here.  Right now we are crammed into a pretty small Japanese hotel room awaiting a house on base to open up.  

And,  as you can see below, by the end of the trip, the kids were EXHAUSTED. They lasted through customs, but once we got on the shuttle bus, they crashed. 

I'll post more pix later.